Are you fascinated by the intricate inner-workings of the human body? Do you feel called to serve your community for the betterment of all humankind? The Pre-Medical program at the University of Central Arkansas offers a comprehensive education with a strong core curriculum in biology, chemistry, physics, and mathematics, and a wide variety of additional complementary elective courses. Our program is designed to fully prepare you for the MCAT exam (required for admission to medical school), and boasts one of the highest medical program acceptance and completion rates in the region. Graduates from our program pursue challenging, rewarding, and lucrative careers as doctors and other types of healthcare professionals.

In the Pre-Medical program at UCA, you’ll have access to all of the distinct advantages that make the UCA experience special. Just a few of the benefits our program offers include:

  • Expert Faculty UCA faculty have diverse academic specialties and clinical backgrounds – including two medical doctors – and are deeply committed to the success of their students. Faculty write recommendation letters for students to medical programs through the institutional Pre-Med Committee, responsible for assisting with medical school applications. Our instructors maintain a rigorous learning environment which includes excellent classroom instruction, service learning projects, and undergraduate research opportunities in which faculty and students work together to investigate various topics such as: cancer treatment, cardiovascular health, and neurobiology.
  • Professional Development: Many pre-medical students participate in our Pre-Medical Society, which is affiliated with the American Medical Student Association. This student organization is very active in community service and provides guidance to its members regarding the medical profession. Activities include tours of area medical facilities, presentations by guest speakers including local physicians, and trips to AMSA conventions.
  • Employment Opportunities: In addition to satisfying the academic requirements for allopathic medical, osteopathic, and chiropractic medical schools, our curriculum fulfills requirements for veterinary, dental, and numerous other professional programs. Graduates from the Pre-Med program can pursue a variety of medical and healthcare-related professions for which the job market is excellent with starting salaries much higher than in most other career fields.

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