Are you fascinated by the definitions, connotations, origins, and even the sounds of words? Do you want to transform your love of language into an investigative and interpretive career? The University of Central Arkansas offers the only Linguistics degree in the state – which provides students with a developed core of fundamental linguistic skills and knowledge, as well as the opportunity to explore their own interests and career paths through four distinct concentrations: foreign language, teaching English to speakers of other languages (TESOL), computer science, and general linguistics – and features special interest courses like the study of endangered languages. Graduates from our program are equipped for a variety of language-oriented careers and are equally prepared to seek professional and graduate degrees in linguistics, language, law, translation, lexicography or education.

As a Linguistics major at UCA, you’ll have access to all of the distinct academic benefits that make the UCA experience special. Just a few of the advantages our program offers include:

  • Expert Faculty who cultivate an active learning environment which engages students in the production of knowledge and provides students with applied learning experiences that prepare them for a variety of professions. – UCA professors care about the success of their students, working with them both inside and outside the classroom, providing them with individual academic attention and vocational mentoring.
  • Hands-On Learning through community engagement and service learning experiences, which offer students the opportunity to engage with area language specialists and study language behavior in the field.
  • Professional Development through our Chapter Linguistic Society on campus, in close association with the national Linguistic Society of America, the purpose of which is to “promote the scientific study of language via the publication, presentation, and discussion of linguistic scholarship.” – Students and faculty participate in annual conferences held by this and related institutions to present research papers, network with professional linguists, attend language workshops, and receive undergraduate and faculty research funding.
  • Career and Graduate School Opportunities are as diverse as our graduates in a range of careers where language is the focus, such as ESL teachers, translators, interpreters, foreign language teachers, and language-based computer and software engineers, just to name a few. The Linguistics major also prepares students for graduate studies in a variety of fields such as linguistics, language, education, translation, and law.

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