Are you fascinated by events happening in the world around you and seek to refine your natural curiosity and investigative skills into a demanding and rewarding career? The Journalism major at the University of Central Arkansas provides a general knowledge of all areas of media and offers concentrations in: Broadcasting, Print Journalism, and Online Media, to prepare students with the skills and experience they need to be competitive in Journalism fields. Our program even offers a Mass Communication Research emphasis, designed for students seeking an interdisciplinary and academically rigorous degree that will prepare them for graduate and professional programs and employment opportunities in various facets of the media industry.

As a Journalism major at UCA, you will have access to all of the distinct academic benefits that make the UCA experience unique. Just a few of the advantages of our program include:

  • Expert Faculty who are deeply committed to the success of their students, provide extensive individual attention to ensure academic engagement, and encourage team work among students of different backgrounds. Our instructors provide their students with in-depth theoretical and practical knowledge of their chosen medium, and serve as mentors, educators, and networking agents.
  • Hands-On Learning through a variety of campus-supported media outlets, housed in our state-of-the-art facilities. Broadcasting students make up the entire staff of the campus television station, News6, which provides local news, sports, and entertainment programming to the UCA student body and the residents of Conway. Print journalism students are responsible for The Echo, a weekly school newspaper, as well as The Scroll, the UCA yearbook, both of which have received numerous awards for excellence from the Arkansas College Media Association. Also, our online news source, The Fountain, is the first independent, student-run, news multimedia production in the state. These first-hand experiences serve as prelude to a required senior-year internship in numerous commercial industry positions.
  • Professional Networking with local and national organizations, including the Arkansas Press Association, Society of Professional Journalists, Arkansas Educational Television Network, and Arkansas College Media Association, which engage students with community leaders in the journalism field and provide platforms for student interaction with innovators in various media institutions.
  • Employment Opportunities: demand for professionals with experience and understanding of the new “convergence media” is at an all-time high. Graduates from our program are prepared for careers in mass communication professions, ranging from on-air personalities and TV producers, to newspaper reporters and magazine editors, to web developers and graphic designers, and occupations in many other exciting media outlets.

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