STEM Residential College

There is an exciting opportunity awaiting you!

How would you like to live and learn in a fun environment with other college students who share your interests? Would you like to take your classes right down the hall from where you live—taught by dynamic professors who are experts in their fields? Do you want to take in everything you can from your university experience? Of course you do!

The University of Central Arkansas offers one of the premier Residential College (RC) programs in the country. In our residential colleges, students belong to co-educational communities that connect with every aspect of the UCA experience, providing a small college feel within the larger campus population. Not only do students live together, they support each other academically by taking classes together and studying together. No wonder RC students earn higher GPAs! They are engaged in the community—participating in a variety of organizations and service learning opportunities at home and abroad. RC students and faculty also connect through undergraduate research, creative activities, field work, study abroad, and campus leadership. All this and friendships that last a lifetime!

Which Residential College is right for you?

STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall is primarily for students pursuing studies in science, technology, computer science, pre-engineering, and mathematics. However, students interested in nursing, physical therapy, and occupational therapy are also strongly encouraged to apply. The residential college is equipped with wireless Internet access and Smart Board technology in the classroom. It also has eleven “nerd nodes”—study spaces that provide a quiet and intimate environment for learning. STEM students can take advantage of early opportunities to start undergraduate research in cellular or molecular biology, organic chemistry, robotics, differential equations, acoustics, physics and bio-physics, aquatic ecology, bioinformatics, and environmental education to name just a few of the active research programs. STEM students also participate in academic activities at other scientific facilities in the region, attend informal seminars and workshops on many topics held in the residential college, and work with any number of service learning endeavors, including science and society classes in Rwanda.

Here are just a few of the many advantages of living and learning in STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall—where the left brains rule! They include:


Studies have shown that students in a residential college program are more likely to stay in college and have a higher graduation rate than students who do not live in a residential college. This is not surprising when you consider the smaller class sizes and closer student-faculty relationships that are available in an RC, which are designed to challenge and support students’ potential for growth. Also living in the residential colleges are Advocates—upper-class students who continue to participate in the residential colleges and assist freshmen with everything from finding campus resources to solving technology problems. They also assist in areas from tutoring to study skills workshops. The STEM classroom and nerd nodes are always open, providing a peaceful, wired environment to read and work on assignments without leaving the residence hall.


These live-in professors lead the way by teaching in their RC during the semester and engaging students in service learning projects, research, and study abroad. They serve as academic and professional role models. Students get to know the Resident Masters and their families (Maggie the Basset Hound is a STEM favorite!), and enjoy an extended family atmosphere within the college. There are not many universities where faculty invite students over for homemade brownies and a Big Bang Theory marathon!


RC students are immersed in numerous civic activities—Kid’s Club takes place at every home football game and makes science fun for elementary children; Science Nights in area schools extend science education beyond the traditional classroom; and study abroad opportunities in Rwanda blend science, service, and culture. These and other projects are involving our students as helping hands and training them to become caring, socially responsible, and ethically aware citizens with the power to change the world around them.


Living with other students who share your passions and want to help you succeed will quickly make you feel at home. STEM students begin building relationships from the first moment they arrive on campus. They help each other become accustomed to UCA—spending time getting to know one another and forming friendships, arranging study groups, helping preserve the Jewel Moore Nature Reserve (the last 15 acres of Conway prairie and woodland of what was once a 2,500 acre prairie), and much more.

Is STEM Residential College in Arkansas Hall right for you?

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Please note: Due to occupancy limitations in the Residential Colleges, early response is encouraged. Applications will be considered according to space availability and on a first-come, first-served basis.