Studies show that freshmen who live on campus, as a whole, attain a higher grade point average than freshmen who reside off campus. At UCA, freshmen are required to live on campus their first year, unless they meet one of seven exemption criteria. There are traditional residential halls and residential colleges available to them, while upperclassmen are able to take advantage of university-owned apartments.

On campus, there is a greater access to the library, computer and study labs and greater interaction with faculty.

In addition to four residential halls and five residential colleges, UCA offers six different apartment complexes and three sections of family housing. Each housing area has a professional staff member who supervises the apartments or halls within it. Most of the apartments offer two bedrooms that are shared among four students. Family housing, like Baldridge and College View, offer married students the opportunity to take advantage of university housing near campus.

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Residential Colleges

Watch Samantha Walker talk about her experience with the Residential Colleges.

Residential colleges are more than just places to stay; they are co-educational living and learning communities that connect to every aspect of student life. Residential college students take classes together and participate in social and civic activities such as raising money for Heifer Project International, field trips, camping and intramural sports. Full-time UCA faculty members live in each residential college to help serve as mentors.

There are five residential colleges to choose from based on your interests. They are open to both men and women, with private wings and shared common spaces. Hughes has a leadership focus, State is about living globally, while Short/Denney is all about living the arts, and Baridon is reserved for sophomores.

The newest residential college, STEM, located in Arkansas Hall, opened fall 2010. It is dedicated to the study of science, technology, engineering and math and is the only residential college in Arkansas with that emphasis. Students will be able to take advantage of undergraduate research opportunities in several fields, including cellular and molecular biology, organic chemistry, robotics, biophysics and aquatic ecology.

To apply for a residential college you will fill out the regular housing application. In addition to that, you will also need to complete an essay. There is no cost difference between our residential halls and residential colleges. Apply for a residential college.

If you want to learn more about living on campus, residential colleges and the housing application process, come to a Bear Facts Day. During Bear Facts Day, prospective students and their families get a preview of the campus and attend information sessions on academic programs, admissions, housing, financial aid, scholarships and support services.