2014 - Travel
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Payee Name Amount
AACRAO Membership Dues560.00
AASAP (Arkansas Association of Student Assistance Programs)225.00
Ables, Jonathan82,173.62
Acre, Catherine576.14
Adams, Gianetta1,929.79
Adams, Steven613.97
Addison, Stephen2,494.76
Agrama, Hoda447.40
AHEAD-Association on Higher Education and Disability-100.00
Ahne, Brent177.00
Ahne, Sandy188.38
Aitalieva, Nurgul917.00
Al Faouri, Radwan300.00
Albritton, Shelly3,300.11
Alea, Jamie365.00
Alford, Wesley750.00
Allen, April393.60
Allen, Corakeita56.00
Allison, Seth769.85
Data current as of April 14th, 2014 at 4:00am